The White Muzzle Fund
An endowment supporting senior dog rescue programs nationwide
that provide loving homes for abandoned older dogs to live out their lives.


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Did you ever have a dog that grew old as part of your family?

  What do you think they would go through if towards the end of their life they were suddenly dumped at a shelter?

  Would they wonder, "Where are my people?"

         How often would someone come by to take them out of their cage for a walk and maybe some petting?

                     Would anyone give them the love you did?

                                  Would anyone adopt such an old dog?

Once a senior dog finds its way into an animal shelter, chances are it will never get adopted.  People simply do not gravitate towards adopting senior dogs.

After spending years as a beloved pet, they can find their end-of-life circumstances lonely, stressful and frightening.  Their human family was their "pack." Now they are suddenly alone.

They can languish in a cage for the rest of their lives with minimal human contact. And at "kill shelters" they are often first on the list for euthanasia.

There are a handful of organizations providing senior dog rescue.  The only thing standing in the way of being able to help even more senior dogs is the lack of funds to sustain and grow existing programs, and the resources needed to start new ones where none exist.

That's why we started the White Muzzle Fund.

If you love dogs, how about throwing an old dog a bone
Consider making a gift to the White Muzzle Fund.