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The White Muzzle Fund will be providing grants to help support senior dog rescue programs, such as...

Senior Dog Adoptions - Rescuing senior dogs from shelters (or accepting them from people who have to give them up) and finding new families for them.

Senior Dog Lifetime Foster Care - The foster family supplies the love and a forever home, a senior dog program covers the cost of medical care.

Senior Dog Group Living - Small groups of dogs living with human caretakers in homes or home-like settings.

Senior Dog Assisted Living - For special needs seniors (i.e., blind, deaf, difficulty walking, incontinent) who may need a little extra help navigating life.

Senior Dog Hospice - Providing comfort and care, because for many homeless seniors it is when they are most fragile that they find themselves all alone.

What types of organizations will grants be awarded to?
Initially, grants will be made to not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organizations that engage primarily or substantially in senior dog rescue work. They will be thoroughly screened to ensure that their programs focus on

    - placing senior dogs in homes through adoptions and/or lifetime foster care, or
    - providing lifetime care in home-like settings (such as a dog group home or hospice) with a level of human    interaction and freedom to roam (not caged or crated during the day) that most dogs would find in a home if  placed through adoption, or
      - other programs that the White Muzzle Fund's Best Practices and Grant Allocations Committee deems a "best practice" in senior dog rescue and care.

In time, as the endowment grows, we will open up grants for senior dog rescue work to organizations that may occasionally have a senior dog in its care (such as breed rescue groups, sanctuaries and shelters).

Eventually, we hope to be able to fund regional senior dog rescue initiatives run by non-profit shelters and rescue groups that come together to create and run senior dog rescue programs in their communities.

Ongoing Funding for Senior Dog Rescue Programs
The White Muzzle Fund's goal is to be able to provide a steady, reliable source of funding which organizations running senior dog rescue programs can count on in order to sustain and grow. Therefore, once an organization is approved to receive support from the White Muzzle Fund, they can count on ongoing annual support as long as their programs continue to meet the White Muzzle Fund's criteria.

Although the amount of the grants will be dependent on endowment earnings, it is the White Muzzle Fund's goal to maintain and increase the amount an organization receives year to year.

Grants will be funded exclusively from endowment earnings (not making allocations from the principal), and we anticipate that the size of the endowment will increase each year through ongoing fundraising activities. While there are market factors that we cannot control, in general this strategy should allow for increases in the amount organizations receive each year, as well as the number of organizations/programs the White Muzzle Fund can support.

How can organizations apply for grants?
Organizations must be invited to apply for funding. No unsolicited applications will be accepted. (Organizations that may be appropriate to receive White Muzzle Fund support are welcome to contact us to make sure they are known to the Fund.)  We have not yet invited any organizations to apply, because it is a bit premature to do so.

What does the application process entail?
The application process includes a detailed written application, providing substantiating documentation, and an in-depth interview.

When will grants be awarded?
Since the White Muzzle Fund has just recently launched, no grants have been awarded yet. We are still in the first phase, which is building the endowment.

The advantage of the endowment model is that it will provide a permanent source of revenue for senior dog rescue programs. The disadvantage is that it takes a while to build. However, every contribution will generate revenue for senior dog rescue programs each year in perpetuity, so it really is the best way to go for a long-term solution.

How quickly all of this happens depends on how quickly we can build and grow the endowment. However, we will begin awarding grants once the endowment is large enough to start providing even modest grants (which we anticipate being in 2012).